Week 5

Week 5: FEBRUARY 8/9: The Training of the Observer | Designing Attention | Extreme Politics

Field Trip is rescheduled for March 8-9… we will have a unique workshop opportunity!!!

February 9

1)Michael Foucault, “panopticism”panopticism

2) Jonathan Crary “Unbinding Vision”,craryunbindingvision

3)Bauhaus, “The Workshops of Modernity” on-line through MOMA


4)Ellen Lupton: “ABC’s of Bauhaus” (on-line)the-abc-the-bauhaus-and-design-theory-psychological-test


Screening: Harun Farocki, “Image of the World and Inscription of War”/Leni Reifenstahl “Triumph of the Will”


2)Readings on Stereoscope, “Wheatstone and Brewster”,

Assignment: Give an example of a space or technology that demonstrates how social order is maintained through design. Discuss it in terms of race and planning as you read in the readings and engage with the exhibition


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