Class 2: January 19, 2017


Assignments and Readings:

Set up your blog!!!

Koolhaas, Rem. “Junkspace.” October 100, no. Spring (2002): 175-90.koolhaas-junkspace

Robert Venturi, Denise Scott Brown, Steven Izenour. Learning from Las Vegas, Revised Edition: the Forgotten Symbolism of Architectural Form Cambridge: MIT Press, 1977.(just the introduction, and pick and choose two chapters that interest you) VenturiScottBrownIzenour

Keller Easterling: Zone: The Spatial Softewares of Extrastatecraft:

Deleuze and Guattari: Thousand Plateaus, University of Minnesota Press (1980), “How do you make Yourself a Body without Organs” chapter: 1000Plateaus06BWO

Some questions to guide you:

What is junkspace? Discuss it in relationship to spaces you are in (go to the underground malls for example)? What is a zone? How are zones related to strips and junkspaces?  What is the main point for architects and designers in engaging with junkspaces? what does rem Koolhaas mean, what does Ventury and Brown discuss in terms of how to change architecture and design training? What is the vernacular? Does this exist? Should we challenge that category.  Respond in relationship to an environment you inhabt every day…

FILM: Reyner Banham Loves LA:


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